About us

Attorney Shy Kedmi is graduated The Buchmann Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University in 2010, and has been specializing in family law ever since.

Our office specializes in all aspects of family law, from pre and post nuptial agreements, divorce agreements, property claims between spouses,
Alimony, child support, custody disputes, to custodianship, durable power of attorney, estate planning services, wills and inheritances.

Attorney and mediator Shy Kedmi, who is married and the father of three children, has set a goal of trying to bring any dispute to a compromise that benefits the parties, and only in the absence of a solution that appears on the horizon will lead and conduct fierce legal proceeding for his clients while preserving their dignity as well as their (sometimes former) loved ones’s.

the office has two branches, one on David HaMelech Street 1 in Tel Aviv and the other in Kibbutz Maabarot in the beautiful Hefer Valley (next to Netanya)

About us
  • Lihi tzur

    Lihi Tzur joined our firm asan Associate in early 2019.Lihispent her internship at the Administrator General Office in Jerusalem, whereshe specialized In Wills and Guardainship procedures. Today Lihi handles all aspects offamily law, from pre-nuptials agreement and durables power of attorney toWills, child support and divorce claims, making sure that our clients get thebest legal representation while maintaining a positive attitude even in themost intense cases Tried by our firm.

    Education IDC Herzliya LL.B specialization in Business Administration

  • Reut erez

    ReutErez joined our firm in 2020 and deals with family law; During her years in thefield she has gained extensive experience in family law,especially in divorce proceedings.TodayReut  handles all aspects of family law,from pre-nuptials agreement, divorce agreement and durables power of attorney to Wills.Reutspecialized in family law and has since gained extensive professionalexperience in the field, including family mediation procedures. EducationGraduateLL.B. in Netanya Academic College And a member in the Bar Association Since2016