Lawsuits between family members

The Family Court Act states that any dispute between relatives will be resolved in Family Court.

This means that even when it comes to a civil lawsuit, such as a financial claim, libel suit, or a lawsuit under the Privacy Protection Act, the lawsuit will be heard by Family Court under the rules and the unique court proceedings of the Israeli  Family Court .

In order for a claim to be filed in Israeli family court, it needs to be between family members, regardless of the subject of the dispute or the amount claimed.

Those are the relations that are considered “family” under section 1 of the law:

(A) spouses, including common-law spouse, ex-spouse, spouses whose marriage were dissolved, provided that the subject of the action derives from the relationship that existed between them at the time that they were spouses;

(B) Child, including the child of a spouse;

(C) Parents, the parents of a spouse or their spouses;

(D) Grandchildren;

(E) Parents’ parents;

(F) Siblings, or spouse siblings;

The proceedings in the Family Court are confidential, and the procedures differ significantly from “ordinary” civil suites, so it is necessary to consult a lawyer who frequently appears in the courtrooms of the family courts in Israel and is accustomed to managing legal procedures in which the emotional conflict is high.


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