Dissolution of marriage

When spouses of different faiths seek to end the marriage, it is necessary to file a request to “dissolve” the marriage to the Family Court.

In Israel, more than once, Jews who immigrated from the former Soviet Union or were adopted by Israelis when they were minors from a foreign country and whose conversions were not completed / not recognized by the Rabbinical court  in Israel, and same-sex couples who wish to get married, are all forced to marry abroad, as there is no legal way for them to do so here in Israel.

In such cases, when the parties wish to terminate the relationship with the husband / wife, they will be required to submit an application for the dissolvent of the marriage.

When the parties are in agreement, the marriage is dissolved relatively quickly, after submission of the appropriate documents and the holding of a formal hearing in the court.

However, in the absence of consent, this is a legal action for all intents and purposes, which must be managed correctly in order to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time, and when it comes to a spouse with foreign citizenship, it is recommended to consider submitting an application for an court order forcing the other party not to leave Israel, as to not find yourselves having to litigate In two different countries, which will increase the costs of the procedure and will inevitably lead to a significant delay in the annulment of the marriage.

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