Reconciliation Claims

In Israel,  only the Rabbinical Court has the power to dissolve a marriage  (a “GET“) between Jewish spouses , and these Reconciliation claims (or domestic peace claim) that can only be filed to the rabbinical court are widely viewed as an “anti-divorce claim.”

A Reconciliation claim is usually served as a Pavlovian preventive action by lawyers who represent a man or woman who has been sued (both in the Family Court and in the Rabbinical Court), in the belief that it can prevent or delay the granting of a “GET” and thus obtain an extension (sometimes for years) for the division Family assets, with an emphasis on stalling the selling of the house the couple lived in prior to the dispute.

It is important to know that a Reconciliation claim can give the Rabbinical Court tremendous power, as part of which a party can petition for an order for a “specific living arraignment” that basically means – in order to enable us to rehabilitate the family unit, the house the couple once lived in cannot be sold (even if the authority to hear the claim is given to the Family Court), even if it may require the continuation of the mortgage payment for that house for the duration of the claim, which is why it is important  To consult with a lawyer who is familiar with family law, who will review the full legal possibilities available to you, in both tribunals, before you file your suites.


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