Notary Service

A notary is a lawyer authorized by the Ministry of Justice to verify, certify and edit certain legal documents that require a notary seal.
The notary seal is considered by the court as a public certificate confirming the identity of the signer on it or the fact that the signer signed on the document on his own free will.
The notary documents are intended to be used as evidence in courts or before other authorities, both in Israel and abroad.
In order to be appointed a notary, a lawyer is required to have gone through ten years of practicing law, as well as to undergo training by the notary department of the Israel Bar Association.
Attorney Shy Kedmi is an official Notary and Our firm provides a wide range of notary services including the following:

– Verification of Pre-nuptial agreements between couples.
– Signing a will before a notary “as a will before an authority” according to Israeli inheritance law.
– Notarized translations in Hebrew / English.
– Notarized power of attorney.
– Notary affidavit.
– Confirmation of the correctness of documentcopies.
– Notary certification for a translator’s statement.
– Acquiring an “apostille” stamp from the court for documents notarized by our office.

Notary fees are mandated in the bylaws and can be viewed here:

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